Netinkäyttäjät valtaavat kahvilat

New York Post: Latte Nerve!

One recent freezing afternoon, 29-year-old new mom Alexis Hopkins stopped by Starbucks on 16th Street and Ninth Avenue to warm up. She wanted to get a hot chocolate – but couldn’t find a seat because all the tables were occupied by people pecking at their laptop computers.

”They should get an office,” she huffed, wheeling the baby out the door.

She’s not the only New Yorker squeezed out of a seat at the coffee shop lately. Starbucks and many other coffeehouses are suffering from acute laptop gridlock, a consequence of the free wireless Internet access – called wi-fi – so many of them now offer.


Yksi ajatus artikkelista “Netinkäyttäjät valtaavat kahvilat

  1. On muuten totta!!!
    Pitaa paikkansa myos muunmuassa
    Tahtitaalat kahviloissa
    – West 4th Street/Washington Place
    – Union Square/ oliskohan 20th Street

    Joista havainnot lahiaikoina…




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