3 ajatusta artikkelista “Oh-so-Web 2.0

  1. flock,fleck,pluck,kaboodle,zazzle…

    ne keksivät jotka ovat lukeneet Pyra-mies Evan Williamsin ”Ten Rules for Web Startups”. Siellä kehoitetaan että ”…Also? Get a good, non-generic name. Easier said than done, granted. But the most common mistake in naming is trying to be too descriptive, which leads to lots of hard-to-distinguish names. How many blogging companies have ”blog” in their name, RSS companies ”feed,” or podcasting companies ”pod” or ”cast”? Rarely are they the ones that stand out….”

  2. ÜBERKUUL. » flickr.flock.fleck.flagr.pluck.kaboodle.zazzle.


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