Reutersilla juttu Habbo Hotelista

Reuters: Virtual hotelier seeks real profits

Any real hotel chain would be proud to say it has more than 24 million loyal customers, but while real hotels charge upwards of 60 euros ($76.93) a night for a room, the cash inflow at the Habbo hotel is less than a euro a month for each customer.

”Most of our visitors will not pay us anything. Ever,” said Sulake chief executive Timo Soininen. But micro-payments via credit cards and mobile phones mean the revenue stream at Sulake, founded in 2000, is growing sharply.

Sales almost tripled to 13.8 million euros last year, and Soininen said they should at least double annually in coming years. A listing could be an option in a few years’ time.

Myös suomalaisen Habbo-fanisivuston Pixeli.netin Tobias Topias Deania haastatellaan jutussa.

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