Viikon sana

Hollantilaisessa kielentutkimuksen nettilehdessä viikon sana on Habbo. Sanan selityksenä on (kuulemma) seuraavaa:

’Habbo Hotel’ is in origin the name of an online game, but among their target group (teens between 12 and 20 years of age) the popularity of this game has grown so big that ’Habbo’ has now become a common word in teentalk. Not only is ’Habbo’ the virtual character that teens use to play the game, to chat, to e-mail and to send instant messages; it is also used for the real person himself that – via the virtual character – plays the game. The language used in Habbo Hotel differs in some occasions from the conventional Dutch language. Furniture is not called ’meubels’ but ’meubi’. It is not at all inconceivable that teens that are ’Habboing’ a lot will eventually use the word ’meubi’ in real language aswell.

(Kiitos Nathalie!)


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