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Audionin tarina

Panic-softafirman Cabel Sasser on kirjoittanut kiinnostavan artikkelin MP3-softa Audionista, jonka kehitys on nyt lopetettu, otsikolla The True Story of Audion.

When we created Audion, our Mac-only, multipurpose MP3 application, Steven Frank and I had one goal: we wanted to listen to our music CDs on our computers while we worked, and we wanted to it be stylish. We had no indication that MP3s would one day turn the music industry upside down and have it running for cover. We certainly had no idea that something like the iPod would pop up and literally change Apple as a company. And even though we weren’t really responsible for any revolutions per se – rather, we rode on the revolution-train with many others – everything that happened to Audion just fell into place, magically and unexpectedly, like so many beautiful moments in life.

[via Daring Fireball]

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