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Joel ja ansioluettelot

Joel Spolsky kirjoittaa ansioluetteloista ja niiden kirjoittamisesta artikkelissaan Getting Your Résumé Read. Artikkelissa on monta hyvää kohtaa, jotka kannattaa pitää mielessä, jos on töitä hakemassa. Esimerkiksi: “Study the directions that are given for how to apply. They are there for a reason. For example our website instructs you to send a résumé to This goes into an email folder which we go through to find good candidates. If you think for some reason that your résumé will get more attention if you print it out and send it through the mail, that you’ll ‘stand out’ somehow, disabuse yourself of that notion. Paper résumés can’t get into the email folder we’re using to keep track of applicants unless we scan them in, and, you know what? The scanner is right next to the shredder in my office and the shredder is easier to use.”

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