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Musiikin myynti netissä kasvaa - Jenkeissä

Päivän musiikin myyntiin netissä liittyvät linkit: Meet the new Napster – and the rest of the pack. “U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray analyst Eugene Munster thinks Napster has the best shot of any of the current crop, including iTunes,, MusicMatch and Real Networks’ Rhapsody.”

Mac Rumors: More iTunes 5 Info? “The anonymous Page 2 submission claimed that October 16th would bring iTunes 5 — which was said to include WMA support, music store ‘listener loans’, new encoding options and an all new interface. New accessories for the iPod were reported to be ‘a recording device, a new dock to transfer and view movies and photos on a television and a bluetooth dock/headphone pair’ with some tentative confirmation of plans for a photo-interface adapter for the iPod.”

The Daily Roxette: Selling songs online in growth. “For Roxette fans these online music stores don’t have much to offer. doesn’t have any Roxette songs in their 315,000 song catalog and iTunes didn’t have any until recently, when they added several, but not all, songs from the ‘Look Sharp!’ and ‘Tourism’ albums.”

Tämä on vanha sivusto. Löydät minut esimerkiksi täältä: Roxeteer Media Oy, Instagram ja Twitter.